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  1. Thinking Out Loud

    In this episode of his "Thinking Out Loud" series, Double D analyzes an interview with John Bellamy Foster, where he discusses his new book, 'Capitalism in the Anthropocene', and his arguments for how capitalism is the driving force behind climate change
  2. Ellsberg

    Daniel Ellsberg says using the Espionage Act against journalist Julian Assange in blatant violation of the First Amendment means the First Amendment is essentially gone.
  3. Image via @thulanirmaseko

    Activist and lawyer Thulani Maseko, who was at the forefront of Swaziland’s struggle for democracy, was gunned down hours after King Mswati’s threatening speech to pro-democracy activists. PUDEMO President Mlungisi Makhanya talks about Thulani’s struggle and what his killing means for the country.
  4. The S&P 500 has fallen by a fifth since the start of the year / Image: Public Domain

    A “rent good” is one whose supply cannot be augmented at will, simply through investing more on its production; its supply is subject to constraints imposed by nature, because of which there is a certain maximum rate of long-run growth which is exogenously given and cannot be altered at will.
  5. Striking Frame Group workers meet for a report back on negotiations with management in Bolton Hall in 1973. Credit: David Hemson Collection, University of Cape Town Libraries

    Democracy has a dream-like character. It sweeps into the world, carried forward by an immense desire by humans to overcome the barriers of indignity and social suffering.


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