The fifth Stop Pesticides Day was celebrated on Sunday 30 May with events and protests in Follina (TV), Verona, Caldaro / Kaltern (BZ) and in San Vito al Tagliamento (PN).
Hundreds of citizens, families, groups and associations have reiterated their no to an agriculture based on synthetic pesticides relaunching the appeal for the defence of biodiversity and human health.

Popular mobilization will continue in the coming months with the defence of the territories subjugated by monocultures, with solidarity with citizens affected by drifts from chemical treatments in the neighbourhood, with support for small companies that produce food without pesticides and GMOs and with the support of the Ramazzini Institute for the scientific work carried out by its researchers led by Fiorella Belpoggi.

The cultural and political action of the International ‘Stop Pesticides March’ Network will also continue to expand coordination and adhesion to the annual mobilization day which already enjoys the participation of dozens of associations, groups, political forces and trade unions.

International Network, Stop Pesticides March

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